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July 18, 2002
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Growing Popularity of Foreskin Restoration Prompts Development of Non-Surgical Device from



    TEMPLE CITY, Calif., June 26 /PRNewswire/ -- As opinion in the medical
community increasingly discredits the traditionally held notion that
circumcision is necessary or beneficial, new innovative technology now makes
it possible for circumcised males to naturally restore the original foreskin
and rediscover sexual sensitivity.
    Foreskin Natural Restorer, manufactured and distributed by
( is a clinically tested and medically designed device
thatenables the user to create new foreskin by stretching remaining skin over the
glans penis, yielding a new foreskin aesthetically identical to the original
lost through circumcision.
    Made from FDA approved medical graded stainless steel, Foreskin Natural
Restorer offers the first non-surgical avenue to restoration via an exercise
process requiring no surgery and subsequent painful recovery period.  Done
correctly, the exercises using the Foreskin Natural Restorer can be done by
men of any age or ethnic group and require only the user's individual
attention, time and dedication, with immediate results and full coverage
reported from six months to within two years.
    Although circumcision gained notoriety in the early 20th century to
promote cleanliness, the procedure actually causes physical as well as
psychological challenges in many men.  Removal of the natural foreskin
covering the tip of the penis, the single most erogenous zone on the genitals,
greatly decreased sensitivity to this area, reducing sexual pleasure.  As
foreskin restoration becomes a more popular practice and standard medical
norms regarding circumcision being challenged, even the American Academy of
Pediatrics has since concluded, "there is no medical reason to practice
    Foreskin Natural Restorer restores sensitivity to the sensitive head of
the penis, which in most circumcised men has become dulled due to years of
rubbing against clothing and exposure to air.  Foreskin Natural Restorer
successfully rejuvenates the user's ability to experience increased sexual
sensation and its accompanying boost to self-esteem.
    Foreskin Natural Restorer offers an affordable, non-surgical way for men
subjected to circumcision without any choice in the matter, to be proactive in
helping their bodies recover their penis' naturally designed sensitivity for
sexual satisfaction. No doctor's visit or medical examination is required to
successfully use Foreskin Natural Restorer.

    More information about this unique health-esteem product can be found at

     Stephen Kwan
     Tel: 626-575-5901
     Fax: 775-640-9375

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