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My friend had his foreskin restored by a plastic surgeon. He spent about $1800 for the procedure. After the surgical procedure, semi-permanent stitches (will dissolve in 6 months to 1 year) were placed inside underneath the skin. Retraction of the foreskin and sex was not allowed for 6 weeks. What a painful experience! I am glad I had used Foreskin Natural Restorer to restore the foreskin of my penis. It's natural and painless not to mention more affordable! I canít help but brag about ForeSkin Natural Restorer to himÖ

Name: Roger Jordan Date: 02-12-2001
I was circumcised as a baby and was cut tightly without my consent. I didnít care too much about circumcision until I reached 16. I was doubtful about a restoration process at first, but my glans kept rubbing against either my underwear or the inside of my clothing, causing me irritation. And whenever I had tight jockeys on, I can't ride my bike or exercise vigorously. I had used tap strap at beginning, but it failed miserably. I finally found the right product to restore my foreskin after using Foreskin Natural Restorer. I just can't tell you how happy I am and how your product has changed my life. I feel like a new man!

Name: Daniel Date: 05-28-2001
During my restoration process using your restorer, I had check-ups with two different doctors. Both of them said that if they werenít familiar with my case, they would think that I was uncut. Now, I have more sensitivity than ever and love making became an enjoyable game. I am able to experience orgasms the way I never knew I could. Thanks a lot! .

Name: Jax Date: 08-15-2001
I am covered NOW... Thanks to your restorer! The new skin is pink and the glans is a glossy purple color. I feel so healthy now! I highly recommend it to all!

Name: Lewis Date: 10-23-2001
I have always liked the look of natural of penis. When I first discovered your restorer, I thought it was troublesome and I was reluctant to proceed. Finally, after losing sensitivity during sex, I started to shop around. After spending a lot of time comparing other methods and devices, I decided to restore my foreskin using Foreskin Natural Restorer. I am glad I have chosen your product. The irritation of the foreskin is gone and sensitivity is beginning to pick up.

  • FDA approved medical graded Stainless Steel
  • Backed by Medical Team
  • Uses in clinical studies
  • Patented and Trademarked
  • One Year Warranty
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Note: Foreskin Natural Restorer is the only medically designed exerciser offering a convenient approach to restore foreskin. As with any exercise program, first consult with your health-care practitioner for specific suggestions.