(1) The stainless steel bell is placed over the head of the penis. Skin is then manipulated over the bell and onto the stainless slider. *It helps greatly to hold the bell under very warm tap water before applying, helping to reduce friction between the skin and the bell allowing the skin to slide along the steel in a much easier fashion.

ForeSkin Nautre Restorer

(2) Focusing on comfort, place as much skin onto the slider that your penis allows.
(3) Once the skin is completely on the slider, secure the skin in place with surgical tape. Do not apply the tape too tightly.
(4) Wrap the tape around the skin and the slider in order to keep the Foreskin Natural Restorer from coming off in any situation.
(5) Once the Foreskin Natural Restorer is fully attached carefully apply tension. Be carefull not to tape the skin too tightly and do not use too much tension. To apply tension, gently pull the slider to the desired position on the tube. The best way to do so is to position the brass cap in the palm of your hand and pull the slider along the tube with your index and middle fingers. If the device is properly taped it wil remain in position all day.
(6) The Foreskin Natural Restorer is in position with tension applied.
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Note: Foreskin Natural Restorer is the only medically designed exerciser offering a convenient approach to restore foreskin. As with any exercise program, first consult with your health-care practitioner for specific suggestions.