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Our Hall of Fame documents and celebrates the men whom diligently restored their foreskins using Foreskin Natural Restorer. As the old saying goes, "No pain, No gain". The process of restoration sure is not an easy journey. With the help of Foreskin Natural Restorer, many men have successfully restored the God's gift. This Hall of Fame served as a witness of such endeavors.

Sean O' Connor

0.75 inches

May 2000-Aug.2000

I wanted to give my girlfriend a birthday surprise by restoring my foreskin for her. After months of hard work using Foreskin Natural Restorer, I was able to recover 65% of my foreskin. My girlfriend was overjoyed with the feeling of the skin moving over the shaft of my penis and the smoothness of the gliding motions. We had great sex.

My partner very soon developed a preference for an uncircumcised penis. I must say that by this time I had gotten over my dislike of my penis, and had also garnered a lot of knowledge on how to please a woman and be a good lover. She actually almost cried at one time, saying how sad she was that she had had her son circumcised.

I am so grateful that I found ForeSkin Natural Restorer. I have a lot of confidence in my sexual ability now and my sex life is at a peak right now. Not only is my sex life better, I feel as if that made my life better as a whole. I am a happier person now and my girlfriend sure is too!

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Note: Foreskin Natural Restorer is the only medically designed exerciser offering a convenient approach to restore foreskin. As with any exercise program, first consult with your health-care practitioner for specific suggestions.