ForeSkin Nautre Restorer

Our Hall of Fame documents and celebrates the men whom diligently restored their foreskins using Foreskin Natural Restorer. As the old saying goes, "No pain, No gain". The process of restoration sure is not an easy journey. With the help of Foreskin Natural Restorer, many men have successfully restored the God's gift. This Hall of Fame served as a witness of such endeavors.

A. L.


3 Months

I just put the device on and all I can say is wow! My god, I can't believe how comfortable this is. I'm an experienced restorer - I spent almost a year with suspenders and the t-tape method. I had great results, but it was SUCH a hassle, and if you didn't get the tape right, you would pinch or pull too tightly, and with the 4 restore, I put it on, taped up, adjusted the tension, and except for the weight, I can't even feel it. I'm getting as much tension as I did with the t-tape and with no discomfort. I'm looking forward to finally completing the job!

BRAVO to a job well done! Well worth the money.

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Note: Foreskin Natural Restorer is the only medically designed exerciser offering a convenient approach to restore foreskin. As with any exercise program, first consult with your health-care practitioner for specific suggestions.